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Medical application for mobile connected to the doctor data base for follow-up  and tight control of the disease (including treatment adherence)

Connected in real time to the hospital data base. For studying:


  • Quality of life and efficacy

  • Patient satisfaction

  • Treatment adherence

  • Disability

  • Work abseenteism


Access from mobile Android and iPhone (either Wifi or 3G). A timer remains patient to fill in questionnaires and comply with treatment as well.


Doctor receives information introduced by patient in real time which represents a hospital resources saving (a comparison of costs with a control group is proposed)


Example of mobile application connected to hospital data base

Flow of information:


  1. Mixestat sends the keys in order patient may download application

  2. Patient installs the application

  3. Patient completes questionnaires. In the case it is not done a timer remains them. Same timer is used to remai treatment intake

  4. Doctor receives information in real time and may extract information in excel format

  5. Optionally, doctor may ask questions other than those included in questionnaires

  6. Patient aswers the questions and will be able to see them summarised

  7. Eventully this application can be connected to other related application

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