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Design of safe and reliable electronic data bases of friendly use.

Access from inernet by means PC, touch screen, tablet and mobile (ipad, android).

For a hospital service or medical area


Continuous access is provided so that you can enter and view data.


Main characteristics are:


  • You can import historical data (Excel, Access) to the electronic database

  • You can make changes on the way (add treatments, remove values​​, etc..)

  • You can store and get any information in Word and Excel

  • You can design specific tables and charts

  • You can do calculations while entering data (indexes, derived variables, ...)

  • You can store multimedia content (photos, videos, films, homunculi ...)

For a clinical trial or observational study


Access is limited to the duration of the project. When the study is finished data base is closed.


Main characteristics are:


  • Internal controls can be done

  • You can do audit trail for changes

  • Monitor has direct access for checking

  • There are different colours depending on the status of the query

For pharmacosurveillance


For Pharmacosurveillance: continuous access is provided so that you can enter data for controlling

and monitoring of adverse effects and non adverse effects (no suspected adverse effects).


Main characteristics are:


  • Case tracking is done

  • You can generate PDF forms to send to the sponsor

  • You can perform audit trail for changes.

  • Safety and Regulatory **:

  • Compliance with standards and requirements of Data Protection Law

  • Confidentiality document with the centre

  • Control and register access by means username and password

  • Encrypted databases in the server: no unauthorized person can access

  • Daily Backups

  • Connection via Internet or intranet installation in the centre


For surveys

​​The access is limited to the duration of survey. When survey is finished the data base is closed.

Main characteristics are:



  • Variables or Likert scales

  • Adequate legibility and extension

  • Graphical analysis

Used software: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, NOSQL, IBM Domino

Medical application for mobile connected to data base
from hospital for follow-up of patient and tight control
of disease

Connected in real time to the hospital data base. For studying:


  • Quality of life and efficacy

  • Patient satisfaction

  • Treatment adherence

  • Disability

  • Work abseenteism


Access from mobile Android and iPhone (either Wifi or 3G)

Avisador para el paciente en la misma APP

Doctor receives information introduced by patient in real time

Hospital resources saving (a comparison of costs with a control group is


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