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DATA BASES Design and creation of secure, reliable and very easy-to-use electronic databases. Accessible from the internet through PC, Touch Screen, Tablet and Mobile (ipad, android).

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BIOESTATISTICS We design the Trial Statistical Analysis Plan including sample size / power calculation and we present it to customer and investigators. We also perform the statistical and final reports

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MEDICAL WRITING From the studies we are involved in or from other available documentation supplied by the sponsor

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TRAINING We impart statistical sessions 100% practical in which statistics is not taught but to understand what is done and why We insist in statistical part comprehension of papers, posters and protocolos supplied by customer


PROJECT MANAGEMENT We adapt the protocols to current regulations and carry out the selection of researchers (in different therapeutic areas). We request the permits (CEICs / Health Authorities, AEMPS) and manage the contracts. We carry out initial visits and on-site / in-house monitoring and follow-up and close the centers.

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COMMUNICATION We make on/off line materials, editorial design, web, event organization, scientific/editorial review, scientific coverage of events, contact with scientific societies, face-to-face and online training projects.

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