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DATA BASES Design and creation of electronic data bases. Access from internet by means PC, touch screen, tablet and mobile (ipad, android)

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STATISTICS We design the Statistical Analysis Plan, including the calculation of sample size and / or power and we present it to the client. We present the results of the study to the client or investigators and write both the statistical and final reports. The types of studies we are analysing are: Epidemiological and / or initiated by investigators Clinical trials Market surveys Studies of cost-effectiveness and comparison of costs

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MEDICAL WRITING We perform scientific writing from studies we are involved in or from other documentation supplied by sponsor: protocols patient information sheed final reports abstracts posters articles drafts presentations We also do literature searches, translations and scientific reviews.

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e impart 100% practical Biostatistics sessions in which no biostatistics is thought but only to understand what has been done and why. We insist in comprehension of statistical part from papers, posters and protocols provided by sponsor. These sessions are adapted to type of assistant and are conducted toInvestigatorsPharmaceutical industry (clinical monitor, product manager, sales force). We also form in clinical research methodology, scientific communication, research support courses


GESTIÓN DE ESTUDIOS Adaptamos los protocolos a la normativa vigente y realizamos la selección de investigadores (en diferentes áreas terapéuticas). Solicitamos los permisos (CEICs / Autoridades sanitarias, AEMPS) y gestionamos los contratos. Realizamos las visitas de inicio y la monitorización on site / in house y seguimiento y cerramos los centros.

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COMUNICACIÓN Realizamos materiales on/off line, diseño editorial, web, organización de eventos, revisión científica /editorial, cobertura científica de eventos, contacto con sociedades científicas, proyectos formativos presenciales y online.